Interview – American Analog Set

I’ve been a fan of American Analog Set since that fateful day I came across The Golden Band. Living in Mexico meant that I never really had much chance to see them, until their show at Polyforum Siqueiros back in 2007. Skip forward a few years and I serendipitously find The Wooden Birds, a new project with Andrew Kenny sharing vocals with Leslie Sisson. I interviewed them and now, with the recent re-release of Know by Heart on vinyl, I interviewed Andrew Kenny. This interview was originally posted in Spanish at México’s La Pop Life, a cool website I write in Spanish for and the editor kindly agreed to let me post it here, unedited, in its original form.  Continue reading “Interview – American Analog Set”

Interview – The Wooden Birds

Photo by Alicia Vega

We love music, that’s a fact. We also like music with a lot of heart in it and The Wooden Birds fill the bill perfectly. So when the opportunity arose to interview them, we gladly went for it!

We’ve previously reviewed their fantastic new album, Two Matchsticks and Mr. Andrew Kenny was kind enough to answer some questions regarding the current workings in The Wooden Birds machine of musical camaraderie.

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