Spotify Playlist: Praline

  The economic uncertainties brought by political change, the nastiest of all changes, pulsates fiercely through our minds. “At least we still have music” will the pollyanna-minded ones proclaim. Others will scoff and smirk, thinking that music amounts to a hill of beans in the larger political spectrum. I can’t offer any political solutions. I can offer you a playlist. From the new leaves turned … Continue reading Spotify Playlist: Praline

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Interview – Amusement Parks on Fire

It’s no secret that we are big fans of Amusement Parks on Fire and their thick, atmospheric fog-of-war like music. So we rounded up a big bunch of questions, answered kindly by Mr. Michael Feerick.

Hope you enjoy this, our first interview of 2011!

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Floating endlessly under the stars

Amusement Parks on Fire – Road eyes

Stargazers, that’s how Amusement Parks on Fire have defined themselves, not shoegazers. This really strikes me as surprise because every time I listen to them I feel like turning my head up to the sky (or the ceiling, it basically depends where am I at that moment). I’m not sure if that movement comes from their high pitched-tone songs or because there’s certain hidden optimistic message behind their songs. Still, I wonder.

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