Best of 2013


Yeah, it’s February and we are posting a “best of 2013.” Why? To drive a point home: if it’s irrelevant to post this right now, smack in the beginning of February, why do we accept a “best of” list before the end of the year, hmm?

Anyhoo, you just want to read what we think it’s the best stuff from 2013 and here it is. There are some omissions from your other regular “best of” lists, because why praise the same 10 or so albums everyone put in a pedestal?

Here’s a slightly more obscure list that is much more sensible (but the again, I would say that, being a contrarian and shit). Oh, and don’t worry about the order, honestly. I heard about 245 promos last year, liked probably half of them and loved about 50, so narrowing them down to this list just means I really support every single choice made here.

If you are a stickler for “best of the best” and for some unfathomed reason want me to stop dilly dallying and just choose the pick of the crop, listen to the top 8 choices. You will feel compelled to check the rest. Trust me.

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Looking back at … The Sundays

The Sundays – Blind

There are seasons and times in our lives we call our very own favorites. Mine are the 90s. Even though I cannot remember much (I was a dispersed child, now I am a dispersed grown-up) I do remember odd hairstyles, my sister wearing strange black boots as she danced to “Industrial” music (and other odd sounding to my ears rhythms), and grunge.

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Remember the time Wet Nuns averted the Rapture?

This rant is based on actual events at the Wet Nuns + Serious Sam Barrett show @ Stockroom, April 18th.

Cars were aflame. Screams and moans filled the atmosphere. The swanky buildings surrounding the Roebuck tavern laid asunder. The smell of destruction lingered as a thousand Wednesday and United fans congregated and fought, whilst police in riot gear took turns bashing skulls in at Orchard Square.

The Bus driver had stopped in the street and said “May God be with you”, as he open door and left us to our own devices. I was alone, my head swooning with the rankness of football fans turning into creatures from Hell.

But amidst that stench, I found a familiar smell. Jambalaya.

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Of Greek Myths, Medicines and Barren Wastelands

Lumiere – Fatalismo

I tend to have a lot more time and respect for musicians which sing in their mother tongue, instead of simply selling out, hungry for Yanksy bucks. While it’s true that some styles of music seem to suit the English language better, I find there is generally something more honest about a band that wish to preserve their linguistic integrity.

Lumiere literally put the beauty of the Spanish language in the spotlight on their stunning five-track EP ‘Fatalismo ‘. Hailing from Mexico City, the fantastic fivesome have been making music for 11 years. And boy, does it sound good…

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Of nicotine stains and shouting fits

Smokers Die Younger – X wants the meat

The skinny: Uncompromising music that although sounding aggressive, is curiously ear-friendly.

The review (proper): As once previously stated in this very zine (warning: incoming shameless plug), Smokers Die Younger are pretty hard to describe (and i’m not even pretending to even know how to categorise them).

So instead of waffling this review (not that the editors will notice, they are zoned out with percocets and gin) with the ephemeral search of a genre (their myspace says: “asbomatic, mangular postindie wankathons“. I can live with that) and let’s go into Smokers Die Younger‘s first album, X wants the meat.

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