Edible – The Tommy Blank Column

Edible – The Tommy Blank Column

Why the Environment is the Biggest Threat to Employment. Kind of.

That got your attention didn’t it. This, Sloucherites is, by any nature of the word, far-fetched. But allow me to enlighten.

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I’m totally down with Rob’s band

Brontide + Tall Ships + Minus the Bear = FUN.

(Editor’s note: due to a schedule problem, Brontide couldn’t be reviewed. Sorry.)

They say that you shouldn’t meet your heroes, as the expectations can be so high that the reality will never measure to whatever mental image you’ve made in your head.

Dunno who ‘they’ are, but if I led my life to what ‘they’ said, I’d still have a bully’s boot sole in my face , pinned down to the ground.

But enough about Catholic school and more about music.

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Underachievers please try harder – August 14, 2010

(or, a round of applause for the 24 hours of Le Mancs)

The Cavalcade + Just Handshakes (We’re British) + The Felt Tips @ Saki Bar, Manchester.

It was not a dark and stormy night, but the end of a sunny day in the Saki Bar, the last music joint you’ll find before venturing into Manchester’s Curry Mile (actual length: less than a mile).

It also was the Underachievers please try harder event, an event held every fortnight at the Saki bar, in Manchester. The event mixes a live gig with varied acts and some nice ditties to dance to.

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Tramlines 2010 – Sunday

Sunday 25: Coogan warned us about you (gushing and ranting).

Sunday was the last day and The Knackering was setting in. Going to sleep at 4 am didn’t help, but hey, S1 Artspace was worth it completely. Massive Gig attendee tip #19: for blisters try using ample shoes and painkillers.

Typing interviews and general writing shenanigans had been taxing and just missing the buskers bus with Cats:for:Peru was downright depressing. Still, soldier on.

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Tramlines 2010 – Saturday

Saturday 24: Pata de Perro (Sheffield Alabama Death March).

Day started out nicely with the Bromheads‘ flashmob in front of the Student Union of the University of Sheffield. A sparse but eager crowd was there, told by organisers that as soon as the band started playing, they had to freeze in position, with poses as silly as they could muster to keep for 2 minutes.

The song played was ‘Friends’ (the very one they played when they got chased out of the City Library twice in April). Afterwards it was time to take the Busker Bus, which arrived not late not early, but exactly when it was expected to arrive. After cramming everyone inside, the band haphazardly started to play ‘Friends’ again.

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Interview: An all night out blitz with Smokers Die Younger (pt 3)

Part 3: The fickle finger of the current scene and passing out at The Washington…

After a slight detour through the realm of cult television, Smokers Die Younger are persuaded to go back into the subject of music. Bribes were involved.

Current Line up. Image courtesy of Smokers Die Younger

Sloucher: Sorry to bring anyone down, another question. Is the album experience alive or dead or is it just singles now?

James: A bit of both, really. We are more of an album making band, we want to get a full range of emotions into a record. There’s nothing wrong with a singles culture either. There’s group for both of them. People are [too] concerned about the downloading stuff.

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