Review: Shores – Shores

Slocore. How do you define it? It has a sauntering beat. It smoulders through the veins. It sticks around like the smell of incense in a church after Palm Sunday. It works in crescendos that never quite explode. It stays around, haunting you, forever. Shores are great at Slocore. They are also great at Space Rock. Their atmospheric tunes, drenched in overdrive, reverb and God knows … Continue reading Review: Shores – Shores

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The Insomnia Diaries – Low

Art: Glenn Miller Montoya

A few years ago, I had a bout of insomnia. Although this wasn’t good for my health, it opened the floodgates to many a band, film, book and show that I’ve never got around to until this. This monthly column will mention a few of these discoveries.

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