Cats:For:Peru – Tender Branson EP

There’s days when the cognitive dissonance between “fanboy” and “critic” exacerbate the already bloody conflict in the head of a humble servant. Today feels like both sides are out with all guns a-blazin’, as the newest EP by Cats:For:Peru puts me in the difficult position: should I be honest or should I be empathic?  Continue reading “Cats:For:Peru – Tender Branson EP”

Lost notes – 2

Previously, on Lost Notes…

Lost Notes – 2.

When I was 13, I had an accident.

I was in a big school. 3 floors, 12 big classrooms in each high rise floor. We had three playgrounds. One was a grassy soccer field, one was a gravel and tarmac triangle-shaped area with basketball courts and volleyball fields and the third one was a low playground made from concrete steps, like the ones a giant would find a good cardio exercise. This patio had a few lonely trees in square-shaped concrete pots.

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The Sunday Soapbox

The sad end of a mysoginist.

(or is it?)

As Quinto stumbled through Penistone road after doing another fatty blunt-batastic, he thought that it all was a little too silly for his liking.

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Spamalot @ Sheffield Lyceum

Spamalot @ The Lyceum, September 7.


King Arthur and his loyal steed, Patsy, ride the lands of Finland England with a pair of coconuts, a bunch of jokey characters and a merciless barrage of jokes, some of them skewering musical sensibilities. Oh, and they are on a mission from God to find a cup.

Can’t they go to Ikea? They can get a dozen for a tenner.

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