In Memory of Layne Staley

Today is the tenth anniversary of Layne Staley‘s passing. It’s a strange thing, seeing how any comments & writings about the Grunge movement/era seems to focus mostly on Kurt Cobain and his passing, but never in the importance of Alice in Chains.  From a personal point, the music of Alice in Chains spoke to me in ways that Nirvana never did. More importantly, the voice of Layne was the voice of a generation fraught with fear, … Continue reading In Memory of Layne Staley

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Interview – Dennis Hopper Choppers

Source : Dennis Hopper Choppers Facebook.

Where were you when the nameless stranger in a black guayabera shirt came into town and saved us from the rustlers? Where where you when he rode into the horizon, his silhouette vanishing into the horizon like a Fata Morgana?

Maybe you were drinking some pozol, maybe you were worried about that aces & eights hand you were dealt. Whatever happened, we found that lonesome stranger with the gravelly voice and the cinematic music. His name is Ben Nicholls, but prefers Dennis Hopper Choppers.

 The rough and tough exterior was only one layer of his personality. We wanted to find out more after thoroughly loving his gospel (review) and wondering about that girl that walked out of town… Continue reading “Interview – Dennis Hopper Choppers”

Interview – The Life and Times

The Life and Times. Legends. 

A few years ago, a group of scientists recorded the sound of stars (really!). The technique called stellar seismology gives us a sound and that sound describes what the star is made from. It’s a sound that pulsates and stays with you.

So is also the sounds that The Life and Times gives us in every release. Called space rock (a term thrown around by several fans – specially us), their music is quite dynamic and atmospheric, where every instrument has a clear cut voice perfectly enveloping each other, like twine.

We had the pleasure of reviewing their latest offering, No one loves you like I do (review) and even better, we managed to get much cherished interview with Allen Epley (guitars/vocals). Without any further ado, here it is…

Continue reading “Interview – The Life and Times”

Interview – The Pale Pacific

The Pale Pacific. Source:Myspace

The story has been the same for several of my favourite bands: the discount bin. Not because they aren’t good bands, but a certain major chain of stores in Mexico insists on not knowing what gems they have and eventually put a lot of great stuff at very low prices. Which means me and one of my best friends can go and blow our budgets on wonderful music. One of the recommendations from this friend (thanks, Emilio) was a band called The Pale Pacific. 

I got Rules are predictable and listened to it with my dad while on the car back from the work. We both loved the EP and talked a few times about this sort of music and the bands and sometimes wondered what made them tick.

Couple of years later and some emailing afterwards, we managed to have a Q & A with Greg Swinehart (drums, backing vocals, stylish clothes) as the news of The Pale Pacific recording new stuff made us all giddy. So, get your dream pop drinks ready and read on… Continue reading “Interview – The Pale Pacific”