Top EPs/Minialbums of 2012

“Hey ho, away we go” said Neil Young when he graced the lives of Pearl Jam in 1995’s ‘Song X’.

Hi, I’m the deputy editor Orestes P. Xistos and this is my late “best of.” It’s not late because you need it to be late, it’s late because you deserve it to be late. Or something. I’m still obsessed with The Dark Knight. Not The Dark Knight Returns. That sucked balls. I mean, Bane as a lapdog again? Jebus almighty playing Xbox in the manger. And what the frijoles is the deal with Batman being more useless than James Blond-ey in Skyfall. 2012: the year our heroes failed. Discuss.

Oh, right, EPs. Okay, in the tradition of quirky analogies we do (i.e. not giving a shit anymore), we present you 18 EPs/Minialbums that we enjoyed thoroughly. We are putting them in 3 groups of 6*, so they are not necessarily in order, we just really, really, really liked them. We also are a bunch of brown-nosing pansies. But you already knew that.

We obviously (!) went for three categories based on the best Scooby Doo mystery ever: the three ice cream ghosts!

Source: Scoobypedia

You know them as them as the accomplices of Sammy the Shrimp, the best villain in Scooby Doo history. Oh, shit, spoiler alert. Anyways, they all get 6 EPs… Continue reading “Top EPs/Minialbums of 2012”

Ninjas vs Romans Mix Cd

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It’s April so you know there’s a couple of important events coming up:

  • Taxes (uh oh, fill those forms a-ok!)
  • Semana Santa (fin de cuaresma, yeah!)
  • Easter (no Doctor Who special, though, boo)

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Tamal Superbowl Mix CD

Whoa! It feels like it was barely  a couple of months ago (43 days, but who is counting?) that we brought you not one but two awesome mix cds from bands that might be unknown, but golly gee willickers, they are good. Especially Wet Nuns (they bribed us). Continue reading “Tamal Superbowl Mix CD”

Geeking in Sheffield – 1


New name for the column. Because we don’t want to get sued again. Oh, well. My name is Orestes P. Xistos and I don’t get paid for this shit…

Welcome back to our obnoxious little column where we post and promote the events we have agreed to give a push around. It’s our ass kissing nature, really. Hey, at least we’re being honest. Continue reading “Geeking in Sheffield – 1”