Dreamscape – La-di-da Recordings

Today I read the news:

Kranky to issue retrospective of long forgotten shoegazers …

Kranky have indeed reissued Bristol’s Dreamscape’s long forgotten, out of print recordings. What can you say other than sometimes time travel could be a good thing…

Saturday afternoon. I’m heading back from a trip to town. The bus journey is crap but I have Dreamscape‘s tape hissing on my walkman. Screaming kids and mums laden with shopping looking at me with accusing glances.

I carry on chewing tasteless gum. From behind, my jet black fringe staring through my shades I am hating them and my
own sad existence. From the top deck I look out on to the streets. They glisten as the rain pours from the leaden skies.

‘Get me out of here’, my soul whispers. My finger caresses the volume wheel and the wall of layered guitars and hazy girl vocals fills my thoughts and fantasies. Could I be in a band and make a record?

I trudge through the estate kicking up the puddles ignoring the taunts from my brother’s mates in the bus shelter. I have Dreamscape, they have nothing. Back home, I avoid Dad who is checking his pool’s coupons and my stepmum who looks me up and down with a sneer that would curdle milk.

In my room I close the curtains and light a candle. My Cocteau Twins poster still visible in the enfolding gloom watches over me. Kicking off my Dockers, still wet from the rain, I curl up, press repeat and pray to Dreamscape.

“Get me out of here”.

Words: Keefy How

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