Biting Elbows – Biting Elbows

Hmmm Russian Punk. Topical one this. I think its safe to say that these boys will not be following Pussy Riot to some gaol in the dark corner reserved for martyrs. In fact this ska infused “punk” owes more to an America championed by the likes of Green Day.

Don’t get me wrong, the album bats along at a pace full of infectious guitars and rhythms accompanied by impassioned vocals and harmonies and the production is pretty decent so I guess Back in the USSR the kids will be grooving. There are catchy riffs a plenty and some nice harmonica as well.

Championed in some quarters as “brilliant” there is a hint of our old pals the Arctic Monkeys peeping through on occasions but my overall impression is its that it has all been done before- a very tight piece of work. Have a listen.

Words: Keefy

Biting Elbows Website. Facebook. Twitter.

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