Wooderson – Let The Man Speak

It’s a strange world, the one of dissonance rock. One man’s strange riff is another man’s tuning nightmare. Still, it’s a challenging genre and the people who enjoy it always seem pleased with the strangest of noises.

Wooderson might not be a dissonant as, dunno, June of 44 or The Shipping News, but they do have the energy required (and more important, the sounds) to mess with the usual grooves we are trained to listen to by the dross emanating from Radio 1.

Let the man speak starts slightly poppy, but worry not, the wait shan’t be long. ‘Deluxe’ kicks it in a post punk left foot, with some odd time signatures introduced later in the mix to shuffle the cards a bit. This band enjoys musical sleight of hand, it appears. Even when songs are straight rockers (‘Janet Bruce’, ‘Let the man speak’), there are bits and bobs of ambient breaks and odd noises to keep your interest up (and your sanity checking the windows for rain). Album closer ‘Let the man speak’ certainly wraps up a lot of the musical ideas and motifs that Wooderson creates (love the bass and drum stuff in this track).

Mind you, there are very digestible, palatable tracks here. ‘Mint condition’ is Wooderson at its poppiest and take away the heavy reverb (and that beautiful feedback) in ‘Cardinal’ and you’ve got (almost) a love song. ‘Buffalo jump’ is quite confrontational; the anguished notes competing with the urgency in the voice at all times.

Dissonant, but not overtly so. Hard hitting, but never overwhelming. Wooderson‘s Let the man speak is quite a solid release for a genre that sometimes doesn’t get any recognition. Keep that music interesting, pals.

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

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