EL IOT – ∞ (infinity symbol)

There’s something afoot in EL IOT‘s 5 song EP, . Maybe it’s the very cool, space themed front cover or possibly (surely?) it’s the heavy use of a Hammond organ, bar none of the best keyboards that mankind has made.

Have I mentioned I’m keen on hyperbole?

Anyways, the sounds of EL IOT are a mash up between the spacey-ness of ambient music mixed with the quirky drone of Jean Michel Jarre. Lift off comes courtesy of ‘Little Logan As the sea’ (it’s not an A, but I can’t make ASCII triangles, appear, sorry), which sets the rhythm while sporting the aforementioned Hammond in a very creepy mood. It’s even a bit…dancey! The swelling synth is goosebump inducing; the sweeping atmospheres wash you away like cosmic rays.

‘Aquamarine Beyond Greed’ is a bit dirge like, like a small segue interlude… or the muzak being played in a lift in Hotel Hell (which, wouldn’t you know, it’s in Tabasco, México). The unsettling doesn’t last long and we get a sweet song with a cool arpeggio: ‘(Ere Qi) A daydream begun’, which grows and grows, mutating and exploding with instruments slowly joining the procession. It’s the most explosive moment you’ll get in the EP…so far.

‘Pan leaves home’ is where EL IOT flexes his muscles. Sounding a bit like a sidereal version of ‘Free bird’ and a lullaby, it’s another sweet segue, only this time there’s no unsettling atmospheres, it’s all friendliness. It then is time for the main course, a beautiful 8 minute megalodon of a track, simply called ‘Food, parts I & II’. I really don’t want to spoil the surprise, but suffice to say is: prog. With steel drums. It covers a lot of bases, all of them deftly. Glitches, an fuzzy, overdriven guitar, a mechanical drone, steel drums (oh, yes). It’s such an encompassing song that it could’ve been the only track here and it would still be a complete release.

But enough hyperbole, check the EP out on Bandcamp if you want your electronica a little more experimental. It’s a free release too, can’t lose, really.

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

ELI OT Bandcamp. Tumblr. Twitter.

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