Rough Shag: Oblong, Mega Aquarians & Shields

An anomaly in time and space has been detected in Division Street, Sheffield. 3 indescribable beings have come through from another dimension, summoned by a portal opened by some ancient beast that eats vinyl records.

This phantasmagoria started with a four limbed monster called obLONG. The sounds emanated were hard and heavy, with a thunderous bass-like sound emanating from its paunch, a trembling sound akin to a militaristic drum maintaining a steady beat as it stomped towards us and a jarring chord screeching from it’s many paws. It sung heavily about the up and downs of human emotions (‘Mothership’), the sense of belonging (‘You should be mine’), existentialism (‘Tinkerboo’) and the slow pain of betrayal (‘The Knife’). The entity started to vibrate, like the sounds of a tremolo and vanished.

A fire started on stage and two men appeared. One seemed to be having the time of his life, working a fast mojo over his fretboard, burning notes as fast as the wind. The other one was also having fun, but kept a more serious face while controlling the beat and swagger of the string man. Maybe they haven’t done this sort of magick for a while and possibly a couple of spells were a rough incantation instead of a full blown trick, but they are getting their mana back. They certainly brought it with ‘Special Beast’, ‘Diaz Astra’ and ‘Car Alarm’. May these Mega Aquarians haunt this place again.

The last apparition seemed bent into razing the monasteries of Northern England. Identifying themselves as Shields, these marauding rockers create ripples through the room. One comrade actually fell down in battle during their extremely heavy set that mixes a raw side of grunge with a pure, heavy grind that constantly chugs with a fierce Berzerker on bass. ‘Your name is Mudd’, ‘Christpuncher’ are such dirty tracks that work the inner drums and ‘My buddy went to Azeroth and all he got were these lousy arrows…’ is when their heavy wares turn expansive, flying towards the realms of Space Rock. They manage to do an encore (hey, that monk had to be decapitated, yeah?) and then retire, receiving a well-deserved applause. The seance was over and all we had for evidence was a Coheed & Cambria (IV, natch) and  Hookworms t-shirts to prove the existence of these monsters.

A very entertaining Rough Shag.

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Words & Pics: Sam J. Valdés López

obLONG MyspaceTwitter.  Facebook.  ReverbnationSpotifySoundcloud.

Mega Aquarians FacebookMyspaceSoundcloud.

Shields FacebookWebsiteTwitterBandcamp.

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