Review: Tip Your Bartender, Screaming Maldini and Johnny Foreigner @ The Harley

Never fear the ides of March
for what a cold blistering night tried to ruin
three bands stepped up to save
A swell night at the Harley was to be had

First it was the heavier rock sensibilities
of a band that left quite a few mouths agape
Tip your bartender was the name of the outfit
Screaming, riffing and awesome bass playing!

Through several songs they took us through
I counted 8, but my memory is shot
as for their piece de resistance
a cover of Brand New‘s ‘Degausser’ they tactfully performed.

Soon followed the gang of Screaming Maldini
With music as classy as their clothes
Although with two members with injuries they played
Their sound was as solid as the ground we stood upon.

Many a handclap was given to their classics
and new ditties did the band perform for us
Hallelujah! They sound like winners to me
Screaming Maldini go prog for a few moments!

No need of secret lairs and shark shooting weapons
A lovely set by Screaming Maldini received thunderous applause
How we wish to hear more from them again
Apologies for the faulty flash and grainy pics.

Attend the tale of Johnny Foreigner!
Not a tale of sorrow nor meat pies
Just of one powerful band preaching good music
and the meatheaded reviewer that tried to take them down

Was he present when the band stormed into a pub singalong
with the devoted fans that will be there for them?
Of course not, a Gallagher‘s ode he was writing
while his publication to the canines it went.

Dear Lord, how can I keep up with this public?
They all are going mental for this fantastic display of rock
Wish the years had been kinder to me, I feel knackered
And I weep for my now Red Stripe soaked camera.

Was it a fun evening? You betcha it was!
Because all tensions and gloomy thoughts
Dispelled from our minds via the shouts, harmonies and pogoing
Shove any bad thoughts from your mind and listen without prejudice
Because they who are three have spoken quite loud and rightly so.

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Terrible words & shit photos: Sam “thank goodness I didn’t go for alliterations and rhymes” Valdés López

Tip Your Bartender Facebook. Tumblr. Twitter. Soundcloud.

Screaming Maldini

Johnny Foreigner WebsiteFacebookBlog (awesome!). BandcampBig CartelTwitterLast.fmMyspace.

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