Invite : Yet another gig

Hey! Would you like a good dose of rock (of the proper variety)? 

Do you enjoy watching musicians frantically moving while still deftly playing their ditties?

Do you believe in Ninjas?

No matter what were your answers, come along and gaze upon 4 very loud and great bands playing for your listening pleasure at Soyo this March 12th.

With the talents of:

Everyone an army – Rocking out with a tiny amplifier and a lot of Math Rock grooviness.


Cobra-Fist – All those commodore fighting games you loved (especially The Last Ninja) alive and rocking. Tributes to The Warriors are a coincidence.


The Hope Explosion – Blues! Prog! Post Rock! A critic (me) quoted Minus The Bear‘s ‘Let’s play guitar in a 5 guitar band’! Expansive sounds and drumrolls for your optimistic vibes.


Finally, we’ve got Firesuite, who not only sport a mean rhythm section (“mean” in performance, they are amiable chaps) but a 1-2 punch in vocals. Shoegaze & rock for the brokenhearted (of which we are many).


So, come along. It’s freeeeeeeeeeeeee entry (eso significa “gratis”, así que no se hagan, compañeros Mexas, no pueden aplicar que son codos!). RSVP


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