Windy & Carl – We will always be

Windy and Carl‘s new album, We Will Always Be, is a very difficult album to describe. Pretty much impossible. So let’s do a rundown of what emotions you can get from each track instead of trying to glue together a couple of adjectives and superlatives, because frankly, it’s gorgeous.

‘For Rosa’ has that droning atmosphere that surrounds you like white noise, a moment of respite after a very stressful situation has passed. Your ears are still ringing, your heart still is on the deep side of arrhythmia but something calms you down.

‘Remember’. Yup, the warm, fuzzy feeling that gives you goosebumps when a good memory electrocutes through your nerves and senses. Lush, completely and absolutely dreamy, it’s the sounds of those moments you can replay in your mind over and over again. The good ones. The memories of the best of times. May they return one day.

‘Spires’ makes you notice something slightly subtle but amazing in this album: songs seguing into each other, like the well written chapters in a book that will keep you awake all night long. ‘Spires’ is a little less friendly, but that whole atmosphere and that sustained tone (ebow, maybe?) makes it otherworldly. Then subtly, those images become blurry and you can no longer see clearly, it’s ‘the frost in winter’ creating a little haze in your view of the world. Sometimes you just need to blur it out.

‘Nature of memory’ is the slightly aggressive one here. Mind you, it still smoulders very slow, like molasses on fire. But the thick distortion and the ghostly-like voices may be overbearing. Is there a safe haven from all this? The answer is yes, and it’s ‘The smell of old books’, another beautiful and ethereal track with a droning organ serving as a foundation as everything flutters around. Introspective, just like the doctor ordered.

‘Looking glass’ and ‘Fainting in the presence of the Lord’ are two majestic pieces that trawl for you and your senses completely. Their mammoth like running time (12 and 18 minutes) are the highest points in an already high flying album. You get lost in the bewilderement created by Windy and Carl, the engorging sounds overwhelming your emotions until a tear escapes. Possibly with another one following suit.

Interesting about that there sunflower in the cover. A couple of years ago (actually 9) there was a film (The Sin Eater) where they said that sunflowers were a beautiful mistake. They should be ugly because of how crooked they look, but something in them makes them beautiful. The same can be said about We Will Always Be: it’s impossible to pinpoint what makes it so gorgeous and pleasing, but it’s there, waiting for you to listen to it.

Words: Sam

Windy & Carl Website. Facebook. Myspace.

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