Vei – EP

This EP is part of the free …Of the wolves compilation.

Veí, an electronica artist from Manchester, has recently released a four track EP that was included on that seminal compilation …Of the wolves. Hiding ninja style in the pack of goodies was this lil’ gem, waiting to be played. 

What you get is 4 track that aren’t as dark or gloomy as ‘Decaying Bodice’. Instead, you have the sound of a clockwork rhythm suffering a seizure inside a car’s alternator (‘Internetiquette’). Little zaps of current fly through the speakers while a gentle guitar soothes us into a uneasy feeling of peace. 

‘When we were things’ is less peaceful, more upbeat and possibly a better track (although ‘Internetiquette’ is good). The fidgety nature of the beats is beautifully juxtaposed with a rising and declining synth, like a kite being manipulated childishly by the whims of the wind. 

Very chilled sounds and trips down memory lane to carefree days are what ‘Faceplant’ feel like, not what the song would describe in an actual accident (or a bad relationship with crystal doors – don’t ask). The sweeter track in this electronica poker, it’s all about the little changes that make it both a lake of tranquillity and an ol’ waterin’ hole. 

It’s a short affair, probably to give you a place for you to recover your piece of mind after the great but scary ideas from Of the wolves. ‘Sure lines’ is the lil’ swansong and it feels just right, and afterthought lingering in your mind when something in your life has changed and the emotions linger, like a haze would after a heavy storm washed away the streets of a cold, steely city…

Words: Sam.


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