Dave Woodcock and the Dead Comedians – Poison Nights & Bar Room Lights

They said that last night, a comedian died. If that’s true, would said casualty join Dave Woodcock & The Dead Comedians?

Said comedian only did sketch comedy. Catchphrase comedy, to be precise. He spent 10 minutes or so with shaggy dog tales that ended in a yuck yuck joke. Would playing the tambourine with a slightly psychotic rockabilly make him better yarn spinner?

Poisoned nights & bar room lights is the result of having that recently departed comedian in the album. Not in the band per se, just, there, like those fans from hell with thousand yard stares at the front row. Said fans won’t stay for long once album opener ‘Coming apart at every seam’ is belted out. Intense, quick and straight to the point, it has a sweet guitar lick and constant snare beat, calling to arms and bottles to be swung, swirled and swilled (if they had something left inside).

As every classic Americana rock album the lyrics have a straight up storyline: betrayal, loose women, looser wallets and scruffy looking nerf herders who should’ve paid more attention to the woman they messed with (‘Julia See’) than to the artful atmosphere created by their slower moving grooves (‘The only game in town’ – very cool solo).

It’s funny how an emotion as universal (and often written too much about) as love can inspire so many different shades. And from all those shades, you have a reflection, a darker, smudge that represents the opposite force to keep it in balance. Whether by wallowing (‘Scarecrow blues’) or by just walking away from it all (‘The Dregs (You & Me)’), all the possibilities are catered for in music. It just happens that in Poisoned nights & bar room lightsthings didn’t end that well and this soundtracks the fallout. All stages, from negation to acceptance, dealt like a royal flush.

Between that spot-on southern drawl (well displayed in ‘Bar room lights’) and the rockier moments (‘ The way back down’), you get a good album for lovers of Americana rock, where the last thing you see in the venue before you walk back home alone are the empty red plastic cups, trampled cigarettes and the odd piece of gum. Now, ‘Do I laugh now or wait ’til it gets funny?’. I dunno, mate, but let me tell you about these three dudes that went into a bar…

Words: Sam

Dave Woodcock & The Dead Comedians Website. Facebook. Twitter. Myspace. Bandcamp. Last.fm

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