What the blood revealed – Harbour of devils

What the Blood Revealed are a four piece outfit from somewhere called Irvine on the West Coast of Bonnie Scotland. The lads emerge from a hidden lair to flex their muscles in their first full length record entitled Harbour of Devils. It would appear they have been hanging around with some of the big boys in school and have paid attention in lessons.

Kicking off with ‘Embrace the Rational and Seek the Truthful’ (sound advice in my book) some serious riffing takes place and I am in danger of nodding my head in an alarming manner. ‘To Travel Deadly Ground’ a more grunge feel and has slightly “sludge “ undertones, worryingly my head wanted to nod again!

Some rather nice almost jangly guitars and a cleaner mix give ‘Waiting for the Storm’ a different feel but doesn’t really go anywhere. Eight minutes of ‘The Streets Ran Red with the Blood of the Pious’ has me wondering what the fuck happens in the dead of night on the streets of Irvine? This could well be the soundtrack. A strong rocker with some very effective chord sequences and a rather snazzy interlude which I really dig.

Well, five fairly long tracks in, and I am aware that things are following a fairly predictable path – loud, quiet, loud, louder, quiet- but the obvious musical ability of the band is there for all to hear. ‘Eyes to the Horizon’ moves from the hard rock feel to a more melodic piece which comes at just the right time. The mix is more minimal and I like this a lot.

Hello- here are some more dark and brooding guitars menacing my eardrums . ‘The Corporation as we know it is Dead’ .This tune creeps along and builds into a ferocious metal riff that slips away in to the dark . It’s now forty three minutes since I pressed play. Finally, ‘Cast Adrift in a Harbour of Devils’ and we have crossed the border into Mogwai City. This, of course, is no bad thing to my ears, this final track is a nine minute pleasing finale that takes a trip with some savage stoner riffage and neat changes of pace. Harbour of Devils is not really Post-Rock in my book and so, without any vocals, the feel is of a very strong heavy rock instrumental album and in that field it works very well.

Have a listen and play it loud- there is a great deal of potential here.

Words: Keefy

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