Los Impresionistas – Maquiladora de Sueños


Have you seen Vanilla Sky? It’s certainly a divisive film but I dig it a lot. The one constant thing that caught my attraction (besides the superb soundtrack) was the constant presence of a Monet-styled sky (that’s foreshadowing, kids).

What does that film have to do with Los Impresionistas’ ep, Maquiladora de Sueños (which you can totally download, guilt-free, right here)? Well, besides the particular liking towards the impressionist art, it’s the dream-like atmosphere.

Right from the get go, an almost ghost-like voice beckons from the distance. ‘Esperando el olvido en la terminal del tiempo’, which roughly means “waiting for oblivion at time’s terminal” (no, not Heathrow and its lounge area). Slow, almost industrial like in approach (there’s this sample that sounds like a steam-powered engine), there’s some effective use of guitar pedals to add a cool sweep. Heckuva choice for an opener.

The dream turns into a night terror. A cramp woke you up and you feel disoriented and fearing for your life. ‘Por lo tanto magia o truco’. Therefore magic or trick. A song for the brokenhearted, a refuge from solace in the form of a guitar vibrating and playing duelling banjos with a voice that narrates an ending. It’s Los Impresionistas playing with a lot of gadgets and creating a thick atmosphere. Relish it.

There’s some indie fodder for the ones looking for a lighter shade of music. ‘Rubí pierde todo’ (Rubí loses everything) is the catchiest track of the EP and it’s the dreamier shade of Indie that the band offers. Good stepping stone for the newcomer. ‘La maquiladora de sueños’ (Dream maquiladora, i.e. an assembly plant of dreams) switches the language to English and the ideas from ‘Rubí pierde todo’ are re-jiggled. It’s a more straightforward song that does include some changes in tempo that again give it that signature sound to the band. Somewhere after minute 1:50, the band found a riptide and decided “fuck it, let’s swim this motherfucker ’til Land’s end”.

Part dream-rock, part experimental and one extra mutant bit of proper fashion rock, Maquiladora de Sueños has that right combination of elements that make it dense enough to leave an actual aftertaste while still being palatable enough for the audience that want something challenging but not off-putting.

Words: Sam

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