Various Artists – New Heavy Sounds 2

Sometimes all you need to get rid of all those bad vibrations, pent-up anger and frustration is some honest-to-Satan heavy rock, the likes you’d hear boiling up in your genes when it all goes awry and you need to keep calm and carry on.

Sod tea or keeping calm, sometimes some shouting and distortion is needed to wash away the madness seeping through you. Never fear, the New Heavy Sounds 2 compilation is here to help you through your darkest era, where the animal in you wants to go on a Hulk-calibre rage.

Straight out of the bat, love the LaFaro track, ‘Meat Wagon’. Heck, I think all bands here are in great company, as the magnificently loud and riff-heavy The Sword are here (‘Tres brujas’), representing the ex-colonies in the midst of an onslaught of British and Irish bands.

Couple of tracks caught my attention on the first listens. Cut yourself in half offers a riff heavy ‘Say goodbye to the world’ with loads of feedback (sweet!) and a couple of vocal freakouts that surely would please the patron saint of vocal shenanigans, Saint Mike Patton. DZ Deathrays have a chaotic, no holds barred rock. Sounds ever so sludgy and aggressive and works wonders for your inner anger factor. Call it anger fuelled by everyday frustration, fuelled by the fact that all plans go awry…call it whatever you want, but it’s there, swimming in the dark and it will pop up and say a couple of stern things. 

The sheer brutality of The Computers is well represented in ‘Lovers lovers lovers’, no rock left unturned, no feeling kept inside. That whole “I wanna shout at your face until my jaw explodes” feeling (we all have been there – by all sorts of reasons) is perfectly expressed in Gum Takes Tooth‘s ‘TankkJott’, an instrumental pyre of cleansing that makes you feel like all bad things are now seeping out of your body.

It takes a lot to make bands like Humanfly and Mojo Fury look tame, but Arabrot and Lasers from Atlantis do an awesome job to put the quickersnappers back into the cage (for a while, they might be back with a vengeance and a couple of new combos).

In closing, gotta love the title of this track ‘This is where your parents fucked’. Thank God/Satan/Jebus/Dawkins for hard rock. Sometimes you just need to let loose…

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