Preview: 322 Festival at The Bowery

The Uneven Blonde crew invite you to not one but two nights of rock and roll, good times and debauchery (not necessarily in that order) with their mini-festival, 322, this 18 and 19 of November at The Bowery.

Through the Holy intervention of Bulmer’s, major acts like Django Django (headlining on the 19th) and Howler (headlining on the 18th) will play a (very likely) crowded Bowery, with a very strong supporting cast including Alt J, Blood sport, Best Friends and many more.

All for the cost of zero pesos pounds.

So, who are these people again? Glad you asked, names and songs for your listening pleasure:

Friday 18th (7 pm ’til you get chucked out)

Best Friends




Saturday 19th (3 pm ’til chucked again)

Blood Sport

Golden Glow


Ghost Outfit

Fear of Men

Bos Angeles

Mad Colours (PORK!)

Django Django

So…RSVP right here. That’s it. Wait, you do know how to get to the place? It’s easy, it’s the bar that looks New York-ey (it even has a Baseball Fury, shame on you if you don’t know them), has the ghost of Mabel Love around (sniff, miss them like a motherfucker) and also has Ernie somewhere in the manager’s office sipping Sierra Nevada ale.

If that still doesn’t ring a bell:

You’re welcome. Now go forth and rock (unless you have a PhD transfer to do…ugh…)

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