Oblong – Frog and Parrot

The front row at The Frog and Parrot was a bit of a nightmare for someone inclined to display his natural clumsiness in front of a live studio audience. Still, no cables were pulled, no pints were kicked and no shoes were smudged.

Song choices were good, it seems obLONG are going for a definite strong setlist that is being polished off slowly but surely. ‘You should be mine’ has an awesome bassline, ‘In remission’ was a good choice for the Club60 singles, ‘I me me’ is brutal and ‘The Knife’, is an oldie but goodie (love the tremolo ending).

The show that obLONG put up is always an aggressive one and they will pull no punches. It’s blunt and yes, a few patrons left the pub, but it’s a natural emigration you’ll see when the musical waveforms and each person’s tastes collide. Fair enough. The place wasn’t empty when they finished and they did gather a rather good amount of clapping (no encore, though, they looked tired but happy).

New song ‘Mothership’ is a slight change from their usual fare. Bassist Hugh mentioned that it’s one of the new songs they have fully developed as a unit and it shows. The band has always had a very democratic sound, where each part has the same weight and it really shows on this one. The single from Club60’s recent vinyl release sounds pretty good live, but it’s the bassline of ‘Mine’ that always attract a lot of attention.

It’s impossible to get a good shot of either Steve Genn (guitar) or (drums). Always on the move, never attaching to anything they can drop loose in 30 seconds flat if they feel the heat coming around the corner. A solid show from the foursome, here’s hoping for a new recording in the future.

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Words: Sam.

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