Wake up to Wet Nuns

What do you get when two good ol’ boys meet and bond over their love of bootlegged moonshine? I don’t wanna find out, but what I know it’s the best next thing: Wet Nuns

They have been around for a while, fighting the good fight against the system after getting kicked out of Alabama (via General Lee Dodge Charger). They released an EP last year, played everywhere they could and now have been preaching their gospel of Death Blues Rock to places like Leeds and Bakewell. They even have a side project called Palmela Handerson which is cool too. Less death, women and whiskey, though. They even got remixed for a Mixed in Sheffield compilation (which you can download for gratis free). 

Anyway’s, here’s ‘don’t wanna see your face no more’. But before you click “play” question yourself… is there a reason why this band is featured the day our webcomic returns? Just askin’. No relation. No sireebob.

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