Single reviews: iliketrains, Lafaro, Dead Sons, Mabel Love and Brew split

We bring you the latest singles we have been ordered to review or we would’ve been shot by a cow armed with a flintlock pistol. So here it goes. At least we got several of our writers to contribute (but then again, we pointed crossbows at them, booyah for old school violence)

LafaroEasy meat / Wee buns

‘Easy meat’ is Lafaro‘s recent single, always rocking out with a fast pace and not a single moment to let you catch your breath, which might work more against than for the track, as it feels like it’s a little plain (but still rocking out properly). ‘Wee buns’, on the other hand, has more to sink your bicuspids into, with more bluesy riffs and a corker of an ending.  Good single! – Quinto.

Dead Sons – Junk Room

Music with texture and depth, like the sounds of the late 60s with dimensions added. Rough voice, iterative riffs in unison with lines of independence and powerful drums with retro sounds, like the corduroy of your vintage jacket.

This is Dead Sons‘ new single ‘Junk Room’, where solid drums and bass lines, like firm strides in a muddy road and a deep statement coming from survival become the body of this new idea.

A strong, chaotic, layered, and metallic tune, which is better understood in the context of city life. –Tonan

Brew 10″ featuring Kong, Castrovalva,  Shield your eyes and That Fucking Tank.

(c) Pete Murgatroyd

Stream – Shield your eyes ‘Jessica’

Another split from Leeds’ Brew Records, so you know there’s some heavy stuff here.

Kong (aka that band that got banned from some festival due to being “too rowdy”-ffs!) offer you (or chop you down into) ‘Ribbons’, another tour through their inventory of nu-metal growls, cool-ass bass and a pent-up anger. The track even gets a remix by 65daysofstatic, who turn it around to make it a more ambient piece that strangely enough, works pretty well. This remix is only available as a download (code included inside the 10″, so get buying).

Shield your eyes do their lo-fi math rock sweetbreads proud with ‘Jessica’, which sounds like Slint and Pavement downing Black Tooth Grins (miss ya, Dime). The drummer (Henri) should be proud, he’s clearly having a ball in this lil’ ditty. The squealing guitar droning is pretty cool and leads into a cracking musical bridge. Second fave from this split. If you haven’t listened to them before, do check them. Please.

Fave prom this 10″? Easily That Fucking Tank‘s ‘NWONWOBH’, a very cool instrumental that for a few moments pays a tribute to the new wave of British Heavy Metal (see the name of the track), but the rest of the time is just a very tasty jam with a crunchy distortion that would make any amp proud of preaching this gospel.

Speaking of gospel, Castrovalva do their holy noise, with their typical batshit insane sounds and strange lyrics (legend says they stole them from a dive bar toilet), always flip-flopping between shouting, a scared falsetto and then some grimey stuff. All in 2 minutes and 17 seconds. I’ve seen them live twice and they’ll probably riot at Tramlines. We’ll be there, camera in hand. – Orestes Xistos.

Mabel Love – Hardened Face

Through a length that goes as far as 2:47 there’s a juxtaposition of good/evil, where Mabel Love has built a maze and every instrument runs freely. Guitars offer interesting sounds while bass and drums complement each other sweetly, then a trembling voice chased by a second voice. Motifs on guitars come as a sort of backing vocals, making of this a good feature under the Mabel Love’s signature.

Sliding through music, flowing through time, an escape leading to an alternative way to reach our destination. –Tonan

iLiKETRAiNS – Sirens / A father’s son

Out of the very, very underrated 2010 album, He who saw the deep, this new single is a collection of musical goodies. First you get ‘Sirens’, that slow groove with the moody tempo and the dreamy guitars. It’s a lullaby during a stormy night, it’s the lucid dreams you get during a thunderstorm. The b-side is ‘Flood’ a meditative song that is less atmospheric (although there’s a few rushes) and pretty melancholic.

There’s also two remixes for ‘Sirens’. The ’48 k’ remix is glitchy and full of bleepy bloops de boops, which renders it a little more lively. The ‘Dave de Rose Zen Like Mix’ adds a more tribal drumming and out of the two remixes, this is the one that works best.

‘A father’s son’ is such a gem, with that constant drum beat that lifts your spirit while the baritone voice brings you down to Earth. For a few moments it’s almost dancey (all about the rhythm section shining through the clouds) but the lyrical subject, with that final refrain of “we escape”, delivered more like a hopeless wish than a reality is pure iliketrains.

B-side here is ‘A kingdom you deserve’, which at times is very optimistic (nothing like that building drum bit) but again, it’s a gloomy subject matter, filled of regret. If you like your music reverberated and melancholic (like a more shoegazey The National), this might interest you. – Sam.


Mabel Love Myspace. Website. Facebook. Twitter. Youtube.

Dead sons Website. Myspace. Soundcloud. Facebook.

Lafaro Website. Facebook. Twitter.

Castrovalva Website. Facebook. Twitter. Myspace. Tumblr.

Kong Myspace. Facebook.

Shield your eyes Website. Facebook.

That Fucking Tank Website. Myspace. Facebook. Bandcamp.

iLiKETRAiNS Website. Facebook. Myspace. Twitter. Youtube.

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