Wake up to… Steel Trees

Steel Trees are a band from The North, full of energy, a grunge distortion firmly stomped upon and the intensity of a trio of friends wanting to get out of a garage by any means necessary (excluding blue and orange portals, eff that noise).

They also have been doing some good opening duties to legends like Dinosaur Jr. (yeah), Dinosaur Pile-Up (ca-ca-cat attack!) and Turbowolf. They should find another dinosaur-related band to open up for and then you could have a dinosaur trilogy of power rock. But then again, I’m Catholic, so I’m a stickler for trinities.

Anyways, here’s the video for ‘Sick’.

Booyah, here’s some grungy rock for you to wake up, and if this doesn’t wake you up, dunno, I’ll find something else. In the meantime, check their bandcamp for the rest of the tracks of their EP, Gunk and catch them live at The Washington during Tramlines (Friday).

GushingWords: Sam.


Website. Facebook. Bandcamp. Twitter. Soundcloud.

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