“¿Quién eres tú para hacer justicia? Soy Dios”.

Dead Sea Apes – Soy Dios

“Who are you to judge? I am God” is such an iconic interchange, from a great film that well deserves your time. So iconic that the response “Soy Dios” gives the name to all three tracks from Manchester-borne Dead Sea Apes.

Their M.O. is deceptively easy, although the results are quite cool and lengthy. Droning music atmospheres and a couple of sound bites from Alejandro Jodorowsky‘s Weird Western El Topo are the basic ingredients for this band.

Through the soundscapes they create, made up by layering a droning note and then building upon it, they do these strange passages (all of them longer than 9 minutes, but never plodding) that sound like an expansive desolation, filled with disembodied voices and strange disturbing noises fading in and out from the ether.

“Hoy cumples siete años, entierra tu juguete y el retrato de tu madre”. With these words, ‘Soy Dios’ starts. Sounding like a perfect intro song for a long tracking shot of the desert, the thick guitar elevates itself through the waves, while the rest of the instruments follow. The song delves into a punching chord combination with some tremolo used on a regular healthy dose (part of your five a day).

‘Soy Dios II’ is the smouldering one. The slow burn eventually pays off with a noisier barrage that uses quite a few sensibilities from post-rock. Again, the lead guitar replaces any need for a singer and gives the song its intended feel.

The last track is ‘Soy Dios III’ and it’s almost minimalistic, with a single organ chord marching on, like a lonely wounded soldier. There is some sort of phase effect (think a Small Stone sweeping around) that gives variety but this is more of a “zoning out” sort of track. There are a few incidental noises popping in and out and another bit of sound bites from the film. If you’ve seen the film, you’ll probably think what these sounds go with, visually speaking. If not, check the film!

Actually, you don’t need to see El Topo  to enjoy this EP, as the songs lend themselves for you to imagine your own visuals. The length and drone nature of the songs might put you off if you’re more used to shorter, rapid fire stuff, but if you want some music with good atmospheres, check this one out.

Words: —Sam


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