Brew – Dance to the Radio Split 10 ” (Record Store Day)

What are they putting in the water that these bands drink?

Brew Records and Dance To The Radio Records are releasing a split 10″ for Record Store Day. This collection of heavy songs includes:

Dolphins – ‘Escape’  A short and slow burning song that is the intro for the whole set. Never lifts off, but stays underground smouldering (specially after the crunchy feedback from the beginning). It’s only the entrée and memorable at that. Chug-a-chug.

Blacklisters – ‘Clubfoot by Kasabian’ From the get go, you get screaming and a cool riff. They are pissed (in the American sense – angry) and are not afraid to let it show. Slightly in the style of Deftones (although they do have a style of their own).

Castrovalva – ‘Señorita’ I love how mental this band is. You reckon they throw sample names in a hat and pick them out, exquisite cadaver style. I know I would. It’s their usual stuff and it’s enjoyable (not really if you’re squeamish). They must be a real hoot to see live.  Really enjoyed this song and the rewind bit is pretty funny.

Hawk Eyes – ‘Yes, have some’ They were formerly called Chickenhawk but the name is the only change, they still rock out. Easily my fave one from the bunch, it’s in the surface the most accessible (might be biased here) but it’s a powerful one, specially on the psychedelic, heavier second half.

This single will be available in a limited run of 300 on Record Store Day. There will be a launch show on Friday 22nd April at The Brudenell Social Club, Leeds where all the bands will be performing, with tickets available online to buy.Hope you enjoy bruises, you’ll get them but are worth it. Hawk Eyes are brilliant live.

Words: Orestes Xistos.


Dance to the radio. Brew Records.

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