Full fathom four

Cats:For:Peru – We had this problem last winter

Stream – ‘Open House’

I remember when I listened to the first album of this band (Attack of the pitching machine), the best word I found to describe it was “eclectic”. The music of Cats:for:Peru doesn’t follow any standard pattern as they have created one of their own through five minds that really have a say in every song, and that’s basically what really got me.

The same concept transcends into their EP We Had This Problem Last Summer and they truly and honestly confirm they know what they’re talking about: it’s a mix of electronic and organic music with a talented and heart-felt voice that speaks lyrics with a really deep and hard content.

I got hypnotized from song one: ‘Open House’, guitar distortions included and bass line following the statement, which I really liked: it’s a constant idea covering the first part of the track with a nice twist in the chorus section. There’s one special feature, almost like a watermark from a Cats:for:Peru’s song, and that’s a chorus that will always strike the listener as surprise, a perfect tune for five different worlds. There’s a part C in this song defined by a rather electro momentum with a funky bass line, then a D statement. This is complex, and good, and can’t stop listening to it.

After listening to track one six times in a row, it’s time to move on to track 2: ‘Duck on the Oven’, so far, so good. The one thing listeners can really expect from Cats:For:Peru is a surprise factor, i.e., track two is not a follow-up to the opening track. I really love the chorus of this song: the voice and the echoed effect they have manufactured for it, which is complemented by electronic sounds (there’s an outer space feeling here).  I better define this song with stargazing, like getting closer to the sky.

‘Sleeping on Tightropes’ ties some heavy weight to my feet and makes me go down to Earth again. I totally agree with the title they have chosen for it. The “ties” sensation is conveyed since the initial sounds: it reminds me of the sounds of a factory, work, sad hours floating in the air, cloudy skies, and tiredness, then there comes an echoed explosion that becomes an excellent breakthrough. The notes coming from this track touch those sensitive cells that really make me believe the whole world is tuned with everything and everybody. There’s a part C developed in the track again in the fashion of stories: they have an Introduction, Development and Conclusion, from where the equivalence can be translated as the first part being the routine (slowly taking our souls away), the second a shock or crisis, and the conclusion being sadness. Just smooth!

Up to this point we have two joyous tracks and one grey shade, so the fourth track is yet another grey element: ‘Fear of Better Things.’ The song title itself can be a direct slap to our faces and each one of us has particular reasons to believe it so. A  drone guitar riff opens this reflection with a heart-felt construction. The first part is basically 2 guitars and vocals, which are incredibly able to convey the message loud and clear of what has to be said, and there’s actually some words that gave me the goose bumps stating: “with explosions come apologies / it’s how we make amends.” The initial idea exposed through a guitar riff is adopted by a cello, making this song a goosebumps + 2 formula (couldn’t find any other expression, sorry), and this magic comes after a chorus intervention. There’s yet more guitar and cello sounds that complement sweetly and provide a “me and the world” kind of sensation, like the feeling of loneliness even when surrounded by hundreds of people, like walking in a city we haven’t made our own.

I truly admire the strong soul Cats:for:Peru has delivered in both their album and EP, I truly believe this band is a good example of what a good and united team can produce. A shared passion like this cannot go unnoticed, as these alchemists really know what they’re up to.

Nothing more to say than: Wow! Great EP!

Words: Tonan.



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