Bone deep

Buffalo Bones – Hell to Skeleton

The skinny: Loudness from the North.

The review proper: Crank it up for ‘Silence is golden’

Stream – ‘Silence is golden’

After watching this Leeds trio in August 2010 (cheap plug – review), I was waiting for their EP and finally, today, it’s released. Buffalo Bones’ Hell to Skeleton is a four track EP with heavy fuzzy rock, a gruffy voice and a rhythm section that’s clearly having a lot of fun (all about the catchy ‘Left before I arrived’).

‘Silence is golden’ is such a slow, cool sweet groove that rears a rockier side with that very cool solo that reveals a darker side to the previously funky beginning it sported. It was the song I really liked first when I saw them live and still is a pretty rocking number.

‘Fix it with money’ is way more aggressive, starting quite angry and capped with a tirade/rant by lead singer/guitarist Chris being one of the angriest bits, deftly followed by  a solo and a droning ending that really carries it away, into a burning pyre. The strongest one from the bunch and the bass here is particularly lush.

That aforementioned burning pyre is ‘Left before I arrived’, a.k.a. the song with that cool guitar riff (which you can grab in it’s punchier, live version for free here). It’s a great way to cap off Hell to skeleton, with the only song not being up to standard is the opener, ‘Exploder’, a song that isn’t really bad, it’s just not as good as the other three very good ones, so it’s only diminished by the company it’s keeping, not by it’s existence. It’s quite energetic, though.

There seems to be a very hard rocking scene creeping around in Leeds, pushing distortion pedals and playing with some blues and rock scales. Maybe there’s something in the marrow of these three lads that make them go for a very grungey rock and Hell to skeleton could be a taster of better things to come.



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