A week of gigs

Quick round up of what’s going on Sheffield this week.

Monday 7:

Soyo Live, free. From 8 pm til The Sweeney kicks ya out. (link)

Arts Father, Mega Aquarians (Myspace), Death Rays (of ardilla – Myspace), Black Cat White Cat (Myspace)

The Old No. 7, free. 7 pm onwards. (link)

Skull and Bones Boy’s Club kicks off. All the music you are missing in the poshier clubs. Includes Kylesa, Baroness and the band with the dude with the cool handlebar mustache (Mastodon).

Wednesday 9:

Sheffield Hallam Hubs, Pod A, Free. From 8 pm until you get kicked out for eating the carnations. (link)

Cats:For:Peru (Spotify), Spiders (Myspace), Zapp Brannigan (Myspace).

Thursday 10:

Redhouse, 4 quid. From 8:30 until 11:30 (PM, of course). (link)

Rory McVicar (Website), Gyppos (Myspace), Nat Johnson and the Figureheads (Website).

Saturday 12

The Harley, 5 quid. From 8 ’til late. (link)

Xray Horse 2nd anniversary.

Risky Heroes (Myspace). Pirouettes (Myspace). Skeletons (Myspace). Brute Chorus (Myspace).

It’s their second anniversary, so drop by and say “happy birthday” to them!

SAWA, 3 quid. 8:45 onwards.(link)

Mat Hall (Myspace). Skint + Demoralised (Soundcloud). The Ratells (Myspace)

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