A night at The Basement

On February 13th, I bundled up, threw on an extra pair of socks and headed out to The Basement’s Saint Valentine’s show.

The Basement is a rad space in downtown Ogden hosting everything from metal shows to acoustic indie shows. The interior reminds me of any typical basement, concrete and dust and a ton of teenagers. Being in the basement makes me feel like I’m back on the summer of 2003 all over again. I was young and free and traveling around with a bunch of punk rock runaways going to shows and just being young. AHHH those were the days and The Basement captures that perfectly.

Darlin’ Broads played first holding nothing back and wailing like there was no tomorrow. The drummer was exceptional and not a beat off and the guitarist/vocals knew how to play and he did it well. I loved the soft melodic breakdown followed by spastic insanity. They reminded me of Chinese stars- fast, loud and danceable.

Wedroplikebombs played next and opened with a great rendition of the Yeah Yeah Yeah‘s song ‘Maps’. As each song climaxed, I half expected the singer to break something, his enthusiasm was unmatched. If you haven’t seen these guys play then keep tabs on them, they are a must see.

I know I’m supposed to be unbiased but hell, I’m not one for following rules so my favorite act of the night was S.L.F.M. Simply a girl and ukulele, but, oh so much more. She dominates the stage as if she owned it and her songs are clever and catchy. In between songs she is soft spoken and shy but when she is signing she sure knows how to growl.

Sweat band is teenage indie rock band. Hmm…maybe they aren’t all teenagers but can I just call them that anyway, it sounds good. Sweat band brought a crowd and the crowd danced wildly. There were some technical difficulties but that didn’t stop them from giving it their all. Their songs reminded me of lightning bolt and can only be described as noise-dance-noise…but in a good way.

The last performer is stayed for was another solo performer who goes by Spooky Ghost when he is all alone. A great voice and great shoes this boy knows how to woo the ladies…. and the boys. He played a cover of ‘Teenage dream’ by Katie Perry and I call still hear the teenage girls squealing.

And for the man behind the curtain- Jason Allen is the owner of The Basement, Storm Cellar and Sound wizard. Having a space for people to come and play and hear music is so vital for communities especially for the younger folk and he is doing a fantastic job. Be sure to catch one or all of The Basements upcoming shows!

About the Author: Mikaela writes all about Ogden at her blog, Indie Ogden.


Darlin’ Broads @ Myspace.

Wedroplikebombs @ Myspace.

S.L.F.M. @ Myspace.

Sweat Band @ Facebook.

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