Review : The Proposition, Robert Lane

Two bands from the Midlands play the sounds of Middle America…

Robert Lane -Well adjusted

A folky lamentation of not fitting in a place (or scene), Robert Lane’s song is like a realisation about your place in life and whether you want to be in company of a flock or stick out like a sore thumb. Sad but true. Splitting the track between only voice & guitar to a complete band affair makes it more poignant.

Robert Lane – Pessimistic me

Not as good as ‘Well adjusted’, but certainly livelier (some Latin rhythms seep through from time to time), ‘Pessimistic me’ might not be strong on music (although really dig the piano play), but the lyrics are still the Atlas vertebrae of Robert Lane.

The Proposition – Lovers’ leap

Enough rebel yells and screams give enough cred to this hoedown (that’d be a square dance, British readers) with its pacey rhythm and banjo swaggering (can’t go wrong with it). The song never outstays its welcome and the lenghty instrumental outro is pretty cool.

The Proposition – Mr. Foolish

A different side of The Proposition, ‘Mr. Foolish’ is a little more sombre at the start, before going into a familiar territory. Whereas ‘Lovers’ leap’ is happy-go-lucky, this is more of a downbeat confessional. A little spitefulness to take that failed relationship away, surely? We all been there.  “From every other temptation / I’ve always followed you”, damn, Cousin Bob, you took the words outta my mouth.



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The Proposition

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