Some stuff we’ve been spinning at Sloucher towers

Reverend Sound System (or RSS)


The new(ish) project of Jon McClure (he of Reverend & The Makers fame), mixing some indie and dubstep (genres are as fluctuating as my waistline).


Here’s their Myspace. You do get some of the dub sensibilities (specially on ‘Bassline’) with the usual lyrical work of Mr. McClure and his friends.

Which one?

‘Bassline’. It’s strangely earworm-ish, but if you happen to have good earphones (and not something you got in ASDA like me) check out ‘Depth charge’. ‘Wife her up’ would be the closest thing you’ll get to the older sound from Reverend and the Makers, so if you want a slower transition, start there.

Parachutes Fail


A band from the rather cold city of Minneapolis that play some insightful tunes coupled with some electronic jiggery pokery. And they have a DL-4, which is always something cool.


Here’s their Reverbnation. Most of the time seems to be very calm music, with some little atmospheres in the back of the mix (see ‘Godspeed Spaceman’) to add an extra layer.

Which one?

‘Godspeed Spaceman’ is deceptively layered, even if it sounds (and feels) poppy. Start with that one, work your way around (there’s only three songs there, but their Facebook has a few more). ‘Stay awake (act 1)’ is my personal favourite, feels like a little goodbye song and the little riff in the back is playful.

Converserly, ‘These new bruises’ feels like a break up song (“you’re such a waste of a beautiful face” = OUCH) and in my current mood, that’s a no-no. Heartfelt, though, and there’s some slight reverb/echo thing going there that tickles me fancy.

Ethan Aether


A rapper from Nowhere, Any Planet, currently residing in that little heaven called Bandcamp.

No, sorry, Who?

A rapper who does conceptual albums in convenient EP format. No songs about hummers, shoes or dental grills, just stories like an angel in Earth (Son of Renown), a detective noir story (Haggard) and general Sci Fi shenanigans (Back from the future).


Like previously stated, Bandcamp. There’s quite a few albums there to listen to, the one we went for was Son of Renown. This album is about an angel in Earth. Did we mention all albums are free?

Which one?

From Son of renown, gotta go for ‘Son of renown’, ‘Michaelmas’ (which includes a few samples from some rather important speeches), the fatalistic ‘Mirror of Adonis’ and the bookending ‘Acropolis down!’.


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