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Xrayhorse 9 – Buffalo Bones, Wot Gorilla?, Death Rays and Dead Sons

Buffalo Bones, Wot Gorilla?, Death Rays and Dead Sons @ The Harley

Opening duties was by Buffalo Bones, from Leeds. Starting with some mild  blues rock which progressively got more and more interesting (and, yeah, heavier), they went for some grunge stuff. The very tribal ‘Strangest of feelings’ (all about that creepy intro and wicked bass-love this one) and ‘Silence is golden’ were cool ditties. They closed the proggy-lite ‘Left before I arrived’, a prime cut saved for the last. Top choice.


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Tramlines 2010 – Sunday

Sunday 25: Coogan warned us about you (gushing and ranting).

Sunday was the last day and The Knackering was setting in. Going to sleep at 4 am didn’t help, but hey, S1 Artspace was worth it completely. Massive Gig attendee tip #19: for blisters try using ample shoes and painkillers.

Typing interviews and general writing shenanigans had been taxing and just missing the buskers bus with Cats:for:Peru was downright depressing. Still, soldier on.



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