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Cat’s album of the week: Cleft

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the two Manchester Turbo – Prog dudes, Cleft…right? If you’re not, then, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Goodness me, these two guys really have something special. Epicness oozes out of the sound in which they create with its highly addictive and consuming syncopated rhythms.  Furthermore, the duo are effortless in their deliverance – everything single element is clear, every single element is sharp, straight to the point and HARD. If I had a pound for how many times I’ve mentioned Cleft over the past couple of years, I would be a very rich lady – but that’s enough of me.

Cleft‘s debut Bosh is utter art. Filled with intricacy, power and beauty – this release is an example of progression, Cleft have grown into something very interesting and I’m so excited for the future of Cleft, can we take a step back and remember that this is just two people…mind blowing. Nice one, Simm and Beesley.

PS:  I double dare you to dance to it.

Bosh is released to the MASSES through their Bandcamp page on the 10th February. ‘BOSH’ will be available via download, CD or on Vinyl.

Read our review of Bosh here…


Words: Catriona Chadderton

Cleft Website. Bandcamp. Twitter. Facebook.

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Wake up to : Apolo

Apolo is a band from the glorious North of México. Chihuahua, to be precise. The quartet has been doing the rounds since 2007 but their first physical release, Apolo EP, was unleashed just last year.

Between some overdriven notes and a slight tinge of Desert Rock, Apolo has a new digital release coming out this year. Their first single is ‘Viaje Astral’ and you can listen to it right ‘ere, guv:

For more info, don’t visit your local library. Instead, have a gander right here:

Apolo Website. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram.

Wake up to…Candlebox

It’s weird how time changes your perspective. I used to ignore this song, even if a song by them marked my life in one of those moments that don’t feel like “The Moment” when you live them, but gain tremendous force when you look back at them.

Hindsight. 20/20. You know it. (more…)

Wake up to Mazes

I think I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy this pretty nifty band and it’s been a while (2 months) since I’ve written about them. Since the cheque has cleared, I thought about re-posting this video.

Just kidding about the cheque. We won’t sell out. Not because of principles, but because nobody wanted to bribe us.

But back to Mazes. They are currently touring the continent with Veronica Falls (add Fear of Men and you’ve got a match made in Heaven) and this track, ‘Skulking’, gets much love from us (okay, me) at Sloucher HQ.

Follow the band on Twitter (they are nice fellas), give them a like on Friendface, get a lovely vinyl and keep an eye out for a more in detail feature about them soon. How good is that solo? Supergreen good, that’s how good.

Wake up to Menace Beach

There’s a point in the Tampico-Mante highway in México where the suburban wasteland disappears in a haze of red streetlamps and the sempiternal, eerie glow of Madero’s Refinery is just a red spot in your rearviewmirror. (more…)

Wake up to Ghost Carriage Phantoms

It’s Friday (about time, I’ve had a freaky week) so let’s all chillout to this lovely track, ‘Videotape’, by Ghost Carriage Phantoms.

If you fancy it, you can download it for free on January 21 from Bandcamp. Let’s just hope that watching the video won’t make you see any freaky girls with long, straight hair jumping out of your monitor.

Wake up to Silicon Ballet

Have an enchanting Thursday with this slow groove, courtesy of the always enchanting Silicon Ballet. This is the first track from their newest EP, Slowly Slowly.

Silicon Ballet WebsiteFacebookTwitterBandcampSoundcloud.

Wake up to Eli Mardock

Just the other day we told you about the fantastic music of Eli Mardock. We then received a link to a video of his, directed by Erik Zavala and proudly filmed in México. Check out ‘Cut me open’…

Man, I miss driving in México (not in the capital, mind you :P).

Wake up to Psychic Twin

The dreamy sounds emanating from the speakers are courtesy of the shoegaze and electronica cocktail that Psychic Twin makes so well. In fact, it’s so good that Brian Flanagan retired from cocktail making.

Psychic Twin will be releasing more lovely stuff soon and frankly we can’t wait!

Psychic Twin FacebookBandcamp. Twitter.

Wake up to Great Deeds

Buzzzzz! That’s the sound of Great Deeds chopping down the joshua tree. Woop woop is the sound of the (da!) police, chasing them away for cutting down a U2 sanctioned landmark.

While they are on the run from the fuzz, here’s their brand new video, ‘Bulb’. The band will be releasing their new EP Disastrochimp soon, very, very soon. 

Great Deeds

Wake up to Iliketrains

We were warned. Since last May, I Like Trains predicted this rainageddon 2012 (TM) and the clues have been everywhere in their water-related music and their dapper attire and personality.

This lovely track is called ‘Mnemosyne’ and their new EP Beacons is released October 15th, with a tour attached to spread the good gospel.

Tour Dates

  • Sat 13th, City Museum, Leeds, UK – Post War Glamour Girls + Sam Airey
  • Mon 15th, Art School Glasgow, UK – Post War Glamour Girls
  • Tue 16th, Cluny, Newcastle, UK – Young Liar
  • Thu 18th, Deaf Institute, Manchester, UK – Talons
  • Fri 19th, Guildhall, Leicester, UK – Her Name is Calla + Kyte
  • Sun 21st, Hare & Hounds, Birmingham, UK – Talons
  • Mon 22nd, Cargo, London, UK – Talons and Post War Glamour Girls
  • Tue 23rd, The Exchange, Bristol, UK – Kyte and The Pirate Ship Quintet
  • Wed 24th, Buffalo Bar, Cardiff, UK – Kyte
  • Thu 25th, The Cellar, Southampton, UK – Kyte
i LiKE TRAiNS WebsiteFacebookLast.fmMyspaceTwitterYoutube.

Wake up to Death Rays of Ardilla

Death Rays of Ardilla is a band we have been waiting to release something for far too long, their new 10″ is out soon (you can preorder from Rough Records) and without further ado, here’s the psychedelic track ‘Diamonds’.

While you wait for your order, you can always check an interview we did ages ago (link). If you are in Sheffield and want to check them out, boogie down to Bungalows and Bears on Saturday September 29th, with support from Vladimir and Chains of Love (free show).

Death Rays of Ardilla Tumblr. Facebook. Twitter.

Wake up to Wickerbird

Wow. This is just brilliant. Dark, gloomy folk for these uncertain times (rainy, uncertain times). Wickerbird have been garnering some rather excellent comments from everyone and their aunts (or uncles if they don’t have aunts…). Here’s the stunning track ‘The Fold’.

Wickerbird Bandcamp. Facebook. Soundcloud. Tumblr. Twitter.

Wake up to Antlered Man

The crazy sounds of Antlered Man always remind me of a less angular Mike Patton, which still is a serious amount of crazy. This is the new video for ‘Buddhist Soup’.

Antlered Man will be on tour with Romans and We are knuckle dragger from today (Southampton) until October 13th (Nottingham). No Sheffield date, sadly, as they were tarred and feathered by Ol’ Man Bucko* the last time they came around.

Antlered man WebsiteBandcampFacebookTwitterSoundcloudYoutube.

*Damn him and his corn cob pipe.

Wake up to Bleech

“Shotgun? What, like guns that fire shot?”

“Armed? Armed with what? Err, bad breath, colorful language, feather duster…what do you think they’re gonna be armed with? Guns, you tit!”

“It’s been emotional”.

Get your rocking gear on, as Bleech‘s new single (out on Oct. 22) wants to take someone to the ropes (not me, I’m a coward). Bleech will play at The Harley on October with Cats:For:Peru, Screaming Maldini and The Kickliner, with the evening being nicely closed with a DJ set by Edwin Congreve (from Foals).

Bleech WebsiteFacebook. Twitter.

Wake up to Sleep Party People

Yo, people! The Autumn (or fall or otoño) is now upon us, so get out the vitamin C (and mulled wine) ready, ‘cuz it’s downhill (weather-wise) from here. Here’s Sleep Party People with Gazing at the moon. Trippy, melancholic and simply delectable. Have a good week.

Wake up to Zahed Sultan

It’s Thursday and although the weekend is in your grasp, here’s a song that might make a point about the current situation of the world. Courtesy of Zahed Sultan (whom we have reviewed before).

Wake up to New Beard

TUBA! The only instrument you can go to when you consider bass to be too “floaty” to actually leave an impact (I like bass, though). This is New Beard, a fantastic band from BrooklynNew York who combine some ace riffs with a healthy dose of rock (and tuba, of course!). We’ve reviewed their album New Beard City and soon we will bring you an interview with them. In the meantime, get your sideburns ready, grab that muscle car and chase some criminals. This is…’Doom’!

New Beard WebsiteFacebookLast.fmTwitter.

Wake up to June

Tuesday, the February of the month. Always feels like a Richard Clayderman sort of affair, especially on these colder days. On that note, the music of México‘s own June has that nostalgic feeling, so much like a forlorn shadow sighing at dusk, on top of a hill no one plays at anymore.

Christ, I’m depressed now!

Anyways, this is June and we’ll be reviewing their EP quite soon. In the meantime, here’s a chilled out song called ‘Uncertain ways’.

Like it? Find out more in these rather nifty minimalistic hyperlinks:

June Facebook. Twitter. Bandcamp. Myspace. Reverbnation.

Wake up to Spring Offensive

Holy frijoles refritos! This is a pretty good (although depressing) song to start up a week, but, fuck it, it’s almost Autumn (or Fall…) and the days are shorter, the grey (gray!) skies are getting starker and moods are down.

Where are my meds*?

Anyways, this is Spring Offensive and the song is ‘Not Drowning but Waving’, a 5 minute introspective track with touches of tremolo and thoughtful lamentations. Spring Offensive will embark on an enormous European tour (with an exclusive 7″ on sale during shows) and the UK leg of the tour will be announced in October.

Spring Offensive Website. Facebook. Twitter.

*Jammy dodgers and jelly babies. Booyah!

Wake up to … Mooi

So, it’s Wednesday, which always feels like the 10 minutes before lunch break/coffee break/recess/younameit. It’s a short time (allegedly) to be safe, but still, you need something to keep you going.

What better way to calm your inner Hulk (SMASH!) than the soothing, dreamy sounds of Mooi‘s ‘Apple’? There might be some, but right now, this is doing the trick.

You can read our review of her EP right here. Heck, we pulled an interview with her (in spite of a lovely fox terrier) right here. Si quieren leer la entrevista en español, pulsen* aquí.

*Estuve tentado a ponerle “dénle click”. Selah.

Mooi SoundcloudMyspaceFacebookTwitter.

Wake up to … P.O.S.

Ooooh, we hate Mondays as much as that pudgy orange feline, but when we find stuff like this on our inbox, we feel happy. Happy as lasaña (that’s lasagna, btw). This is… ‘Bumper’, live, raw and brutal.

P.O.S.’s new album, We don’t even live here, will be released November 5th* (Guy Fawkes died for your rap!) through Rhymesayer Entertainment. We can’t wait, honestly.

*Release date for the USA seems to be October 22nd. Grumble.

P.O.S. Facebook. Website.

Wake up to … Blind Atlas

Last Tuesday, someone said that guitar music was dying. Like Asimov, the ol’ dude from Repo Man said once: “Pernicious nonsense!” Here’s proof that you can still make very good guitar music with slightly psychedelic tinges (love the flanger bit): the very space rock flavoured video of Blind Atlas ‘Brother Moon’.

With some gorgeous animation, this is a great track from their album, Kodiak Bear (out now!). Enjoy it.

Blind Atlas Facebook. Twitter. Website.

Wake up to … Turbina

Turbina is a rock band from Mexico. Today is Wednesday. These two facts aren’t related. Turbina plays an easy going rock sound. This song has a playful slide that adds an extra layer to the track. These facts ARE related.

They have been doing the rounds in Mexico City, getting some new fans with their introspective music, the emotional lyrics and rumours of an ukulele version of this track, called ‘Todo lo que ves’ (all you see).

Take off the blinfold and listen to this:

Turbina Twitter. Soundcloud. Facebook.


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