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Interview – American Analog Set


I’ve been a fan of American Analog Set since that fateful day I came across The Golden Band. Living in Mexico meant that I never really had much chance to see them, until their show at Polyforum Siqueiros back in 2007. Skip forward a few years and I serendipitously find The Wooden Birds, a new project with Andrew Kenny sharing vocals with Leslie Sisson. I interviewed them and now, with the recent re-release of Know by Heart on vinyl, I interviewed Andrew Kenny. This interview was originally posted in Spanish at México’s La Pop Life, a cool website I write in Spanish for and the editor kindly agreed to let me post it here, unedited, in its original form.  (more…)

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Radio Chaneque : Bandas infravaloradas de los 90s (pt 2)

Radio Chaneque - Los infravalorados de los 90s parte 2 by Radiochaneque on Mixcloud

Nuevo especial de Radio Chaneque, esta vez con Claudia Ramírez y su servilleta, Sam Valdés. Continuando nuestro cariño por los 90s, ahora con más canciones y menos coherencia en los comentarios. Es la nostalgia.

Introducción: Stone Temple Pilots - Pretty Penny.

Con música de Collective Soul, Letters to Cleo, Bush, Candlebox, Counting Crows y muchos, muchos más.


Radio Chaneque : Bandas infravaloradas de los 90s

Radio Chaneque - Los infravalorados de los 90s by Radiochaneque on Mixcloud

Nuevo especial de Radio Chaneque, esta vez con Claudia Ramírez y su servilleta, Sam Valdés. En esta primera parte hablamos un montón de los 90s, nos sentimos como Homero en ese capítulo que dice que va a rockear forever (forever….forever…) y nos planteamos si el rock alcanzó su plenitud en el 94. Por desgracia, todavía no es un hecho comprobado científicamente.

Introducción: Stone Temple Pilots – Vasoline.

Con música de Soul Asylum, Goo Goo Dolls, Grant Lee Buffalo, Veruca Salt, Mad Season y muchos, muchos más.


Looking back at… Pixies – Doolittle


Let’s wind back the clock. (more…)

Looking back at… Soundgarden – Superunknown


Why do you need new bands? Everyone knows rock attained perfection in 1974. It’s a scientific fact.
– Homer Simpson, “Homerpalooza”


Interview – Echodrone


Source: Echodrone’s Bandcamp.

It’s no secret that Shoegaze is a very much loved genre in this Shithole of a Website (TM) called Sloucher. Is it the inherent dreaminess of the sounds? Is it the sometimes whispered vocals? Is it the slight scary undertones of some songs? Whatever it is, our goose pimples are on the draw and all hairs on the back of our neck are ready to stand whenever those reverb & echo drenched notes arrive.

And for the cornucopia of bands we’ve found that do the genre, Echodrone is simply one of the best we’ve encountered. A serendipitous email and some very late reviews later and we’ve found the essence of the band still lingering in the halls of this joint.

So, an interview was not only a necessity, but a privilege. We got in touch with the band and Meredith Gibbons (vocals), Brandon Dudley (bass) and Eugene Suh (vocals, guitars) were kind enough to take our questions.


Medicine – To The Happy Few


It’s been eighteen years since Los Angeles based Medicine released new material, and over twenty since the original line up all played together. So, with psychedelia infused grunge, shoegaze melodies and a love for guitars with extra distortion, let’s see what Medicine have produced in their latest offering, the long player To the Happy Few. (more…)

Editorial : Kavinsky’s love letter to the neon decade


I was 8 when I first tried my luck on an arcade game. It was a really weird game called Joust and although I never was good at it, I remember having a lot of fun with it. Months later, I got hooked on Son Son, another weird game. This one was easier than Joust and, best of all, it had a fantastic, infectious soundtrack. On my holidays, I used to spend a lot of time with an older cousin in Tampico playing loads of videogames at arcades. His favourites were Ikari Warriors and Outrun, both excellent games with amazing soundtracks. Outrun in particular was interesting, as you could change the radio stations, so you had different music. Imagine that! (more…)

Landing – II

landingii (more…)

Smashing Pumpkins – The Aeroplane Flies High (re-issue)

tafh (more…)

Pins – Girls like us



Speedy Ortiz – Major Arcana


A few months ago, I compared Speedy Ortiz to the Elves of Mirkwood. It’s a long story. But the gist was that they were “ruthless, brash and good looking.” It’s now the time of Major Arcana, a full album of Speedy Ortiz maniacally rafting down some rapids, with meandering interludes and loud rumblings by tall weirs. (more…)

Interview – Yokozuna

Source: Yokozuna's Facebook.

Source: Yokozuna’s Facebook.

Exactly a month ago, I had the pleasure of reviewing Yokozuna’s rather excellent Quiero Venganza. I quite enjoyed the album and got in contact with Arturo & Antonio Tranquilino, the brothers who make up this band. Quick email exchange and away the questions went, which got answered in less than 24 hours.

Never be said us Mexicans are lazy. Now, for something completely different: (more…)

Two Inch Astronaut – Bad Brother


Beach Day – Trip Trap Attack



Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Untogether



Was this your celebrated summer? – RSD 2013


Single section at Vinyl Demand

“A record store, like Jesus and a puppy, are for life, not for a one day celebration.” So texted my associated editor, Orestes P. Xistos when I asked him if he’d join me in filming the people queuing outside Record Collector, a shop smack in the heart of the now dying Broomhill area of Sheffield, England. (more…)

Echodrone – Bon Voyage


Baby steps: Karate

Baby steps is our “introduction to…” column. Yes, there might be a few Bill Murray fans here. This week’s instalment is courtesy of Simon Roberts. The subject? Read on… 

The Lost Gem : Nirvana – In Utero

Nevermind reached dizzying commercial heights mainly due to that song; you know the one about spirit with the video that has loads of smoke and cheerleaders. It defined the term ‘grunge’ to a lot of people, and for a few uneducated people, it probably still does. (more…)

The Lost Gem : Zurdok – Hombre Sintetizador

I gotta be honest: for a big while I was “allergic” to Rock en Español. The reasons are a bit complex and not related to the music per se, but other factors. It took me a while to really warm up to any band from my own country, but then again, I was a late bloomer to most music. (more…)

Various Artists – A Tribute to Repo Man


Hey Sholay – ((O))


Sucioperro – Fused



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