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Review: Monuments – Brigadune



Podcast: An Americana Mixtape for your Datsun Saloon

When I was a kid, my mother drove us around everywhere in her Orange(later Crimson) Datsun car. I can’t recall the exact model (looked like a Laurel) but I remember the button controlled stereo and that the music we heard was this station that played 70s rock and Americana. Stuff like America, Bread, Gram Parsons, Big Star, John Denver and the Eagles were some of the staples, besides other AOR stuff. (more…)

Review: +/- – Jumping Tracks

pluminu (more…)

Cat’s album of the week: Cleft

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the two Manchester Turbo – Prog dudes, Cleft…right? If you’re not, then, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Goodness me, these two guys really have something special. Epicness oozes out of the sound in which they create with its highly addictive and consuming syncopated rhythms.  Furthermore, the duo are effortless in their deliverance – everything single element is clear, every single element is sharp, straight to the point and HARD. If I had a pound for how many times I’ve mentioned Cleft over the past couple of years, I would be a very rich lady – but that’s enough of me.

Cleft‘s debut Bosh is utter art. Filled with intricacy, power and beauty – this release is an example of progression, Cleft have grown into something very interesting and I’m so excited for the future of Cleft, can we take a step back and remember that this is just two people…mind blowing. Nice one, Simm and Beesley.

PS:  I double dare you to dance to it.

Bosh is released to the MASSES through their Bandcamp page on the 10th February. ‘BOSH’ will be available via download, CD or on Vinyl.

Read our review of Bosh here…


Words: Catriona Chadderton

Cleft Website. Bandcamp. Twitter. Facebook.

Review: Warpaint – Warpaint (S/T)


Review: Cleft – Bosh

cleft (more…)

Russian Circles – Memorial

russ (more…)

Vast Robot Armies – Goodnight Myopia



Cyril Snear – The Riot of Colour

csnear (more…)

Medicine – To The Happy Few


It’s been eighteen years since Los Angeles based Medicine released new material, and over twenty since the original line up all played together. So, with psychedelia infused grunge, shoegaze melodies and a love for guitars with extra distortion, let’s see what Medicine have produced in their latest offering, the long player To the Happy Few. (more…)

Hawk Eyes – That’s What This Is



The Rainy Day Club – Pale White Hands



Turbina – Leti’ Hum eek’ – Inda Jani – Mish Masadi II



Joan of Arc – Testimonium Songs

JACKET (more…)

Drenge – Drenge



Picardy III – A Savior



Landing – II

landingii (more…)

Smashing Pumpkins – The Aeroplane Flies High (re-issue)

tafh (more…)

Old Baby – Love Hangover



Two Inch Astronaut – Bad Brother


Ovlov – AM


Ola Podrida – Ghosts go blind



Sonny & The Sunsets – Antenna to the Afterworld

This probably hasn’t been my week. After, um, oversleeping on the train and then slipping on a patch of black ice, I think it’s either time to have one of those epiphanies where everything that has gone wrong in my life is corrected OR I just shrug it off, ignore it and go for some breakfast. (more…)

Saturday looks good to me – One Kiss Ends It All



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