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SXSW Diaries – That Sunday I felt like Russell Crowe before the last fight in Gladiator…


Note/Warning: My proper reviews for SXSW will be on La Pop Life and Gold Flake Paint soon(ish). For Sloucher, I’ll be posting diary-style stuff, mostly unedited (barring a few typos that had to go away, replaced by more typos. Most of these diaries were written late at night and honest to God, this is how they went. No clear cut narrative is intended, just general ramblings. Enjoy this Gonzo-style experiment. (more…)

Podcast: Copeando con Los Guarriors.

¡Amiguitos! Copeando con Los Guarriors tiene lenguaje soez, albures, mentadas, comentarios ofensivos y malas analogías. Se recomienda para público adulto…o tan adulto como se considere a 4 panzones hablando de ñoñerías con palabrotas. ¡Disfruten! PD: Acompáñenlo con leche.
Este podcast utiliza los siguientes sonidos y samples de Freesound:
Creepy Girl Chanting por theartisticfellow (
Busy road car passing por jimsim (
CuckooClock6DP por acclivity (
Popcorn Dream por briandkatz (
church_bells_rain_6_6_06 por Ionizing (
061018_indicatorsL_mkh30-40_t001_ab_xtr por ermine (
by a busy road background por cameronmusic (
church bell por Ravishekhar (
Angel Church Choir por AlucardsBride (

Samples musicales :

El amo del merol por Radioactivo 98.5

Sing, Sing, Sing por Benny Goodman

Tea for Two por Tommy Dorsey



Wild Beasts – Present Tense


(Skip this review if you like, just give track 7 “A simple beautiful truth” a two minute shot before you leave this page or I will spam you to death *smiley*).

This fourth time around, Hayden-Little et al.bring us yet another elegant canvas of frozen abstract emotions and a painfully close inspection of the sensitive macho psyche. The Beasts have crafted themselves a uniquely restrained sonic palette, so much so they could release instrumental songs under a different name and one could still identify them. I think the secret ingredient to their formula is leaving enough of that negative space in between notes to complete the narration, which works wonders towards building this disarmingly charming slick sound. It feels like a silky reptile crawling up my ears, never to leave. (more…)

Reseña: Cumbre Tajín, Viernes 21 de Marzo del 2014.

IMG_6857No todo lo que brilla es oro records presenta:

Cumbre Tajín, Viernes 21 de Marzo del 2014.

Todo aquel que piense que Cumbre Tajín es un festival de rock está muy equivocado. Tan equivocado como los que creen que un hot cake se puede comer sin mantequilla, miel y/o tocino. (more…)

St. Vincent – St. Vincent


A million times better than OK Computer, read the headline. (more…)

Review: +/- – Jumping Tracks

pluminu (more…)

Actual Wolf – Actual Wolf



Raagnagrok – Man, Woman, Death, Birth, Infinity

26337_179742548839729_2047863471_n (more…)

The Fierce & The Dead – Spooky Action



Guided By Voices – Motivational Jumpsuit


The umpteenth reformation of Guided by Voices makes for a very enjoyable 20 songs crammed into 38 minutes, in an album called Motivational Jumpsuit. (more…)

Ask the Mason-Dixon Line Power Grab : How to grow a beard.


Ahoy there! We sent our intrepid feature writer (and creative writing editor), Joe Field, to be theliaison between the realm of the living and the strange entity denominated Mason-Dixon Line Power Grab. On this first feature, we wanted to know how to grow a beard in a dapper fashion. What we got was something that first appeared on Toast Magazine but we now have stolen from Joe’s fable moleskine book.

No apologies are made about the weirdness of this feature. If you think about it, beards are freaky and you should fear them. Take it away… (more…)

Wax Fang – The Astronaut



Preview: Kyle Bobby Dunn and the Infinite Sadness.

We’ve enjoyed the slow rising soundscapes that Kyle Bobby Dunn creates. In fact, we enjoyed them so much that one of his albums got a strange, confusing short story in lieu of a review.

But enough about our journalistic shortcomings and let’s talk about this new double album (or triple vinyl), called Kyle Bobby Dunn and the Infinite Sadness. The mammoth sized release is out in May () but you can buy a special edition on 3/1 from Students of Decay.

Kyle Bobby Dunn Myspace. Facebook. Twitter.

Tea with Jim Ghedi – an interview…


I arrived to find Jim Ghedi re-stringing his beloved acoustic guitar. Talk Talk’s Spirit of Eden was spinning on the turntable in the corner.

Tea, Bro?” he asks. (more…)

Review: Reverend Horton Heat – Rev

revhor (more…)

Review: Reverend & The Makers – Thirty two

32 (more…)

Mix: The Playlist With No Name

This week we have a fantastic playlist for you, curated by our own Fuzz Caminski, a discerning music fan and Steve Zissou Impersonator. Read a bit more about each song after the jump.


Keefy’s Movie Digest – Inside Llewyn Davis

Greenwich Village 1961. The Coen Bros. A sideways glance at the early 60’s pre Dylan folk revival. What is not to like in this movie? (more…)

Video Round up #1

Well, it’s 2014 and we haven’t done of these for a while, so sit back and watch a few cool videos we have fished for your visual pleasure. (more…)

Reseña: Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang – Four Foot Shack

La Santa Muerte no es Skeletor Records presenta:

Les Claypool’s, Duo de Twang – “Four Foot Shack”. – Una reseña, por Homo Rodans (@homorodans) para (more…)

Best of 2013


Yeah, it’s February and we are posting a “best of 2013.” Why? To drive a point home: if it’s irrelevant to post this right now, smack in the beginning of February, why do we accept a “best of” list before the end of the year, hmm?

Anyhoo, you just want to read what we think it’s the best stuff from 2013 and here it is. There are some omissions from your other regular “best of” lists, because why praise the same 10 or so albums everyone put in a pedestal?

Here’s a slightly more obscure list that is much more sensible (but the again, I would say that, being a contrarian and shit). Oh, and don’t worry about the order, honestly. I heard about 245 promos last year, liked probably half of them and loved about 50, so narrowing them down to this list just means I really support every single choice made here.

If you are a stickler for “best of the best” and for some unfathomed reason want me to stop dilly dallying and just choose the pick of the crop, listen to the top 8 choices. You will feel compelled to check the rest. Trust me.


Cat’s album of the week: Cleft

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the two Manchester Turbo – Prog dudes, Cleft…right? If you’re not, then, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Goodness me, these two guys really have something special. Epicness oozes out of the sound in which they create with its highly addictive and consuming syncopated rhythms.  Furthermore, the duo are effortless in their deliverance – everything single element is clear, every single element is sharp, straight to the point and HARD. If I had a pound for how many times I’ve mentioned Cleft over the past couple of years, I would be a very rich lady – but that’s enough of me.

Cleft‘s debut Bosh is utter art. Filled with intricacy, power and beauty – this release is an example of progression, Cleft have grown into something very interesting and I’m so excited for the future of Cleft, can we take a step back and remember that this is just two people…mind blowing. Nice one, Simm and Beesley.

PS:  I double dare you to dance to it.

Bosh is released to the MASSES through their Bandcamp page on the 10th February. ‘BOSH’ will be available via download, CD or on Vinyl.

Read our review of Bosh here…


Words: Catriona Chadderton

Cleft Website. Bandcamp. Twitter. Facebook.

Radio Chaneque – Eccles cakes for the soul

There’s a veritable cornucopia of ace bands in Manchester and we picked a few top of the crop ones to bring you this lil’ mix for your Thursday. There’s garage, there’s prog nouveau, there’s strange electronica and there’s something about witnessing the end of the world in a low lit bar near Salford.

There might be some glaring omissions (by all means, Pins should be here), some might argue a few of these bands are not “proper Mancunian” (whatever the fuck that is) and I suspect there’ll be a couple of complaints and one star reviews of this. It matters not, we are not saying these are the best bands in lovely ol’ Manchester, we just like them a lot. And that’s the whole neta.

While you listen to this podcast, would you like to leave us a comment saying which song defines Manchester to you? I somehow always think of Doves’ ‘Black and White town’ every time I set foot in the city… (more…)

Interview – Echodrone


Source: Echodrone’s Bandcamp.

It’s no secret that Shoegaze is a very much loved genre in this Shithole of a Website (TM) called Sloucher. Is it the inherent dreaminess of the sounds? Is it the sometimes whispered vocals? Is it the slight scary undertones of some songs? Whatever it is, our goose pimples are on the draw and all hairs on the back of our neck are ready to stand whenever those reverb & echo drenched notes arrive.

And for the cornucopia of bands we’ve found that do the genre, Echodrone is simply one of the best we’ve encountered. A serendipitous email and some very late reviews later and we’ve found the essence of the band still lingering in the halls of this joint.

So, an interview was not only a necessity, but a privilege. We got in touch with the band and Meredith Gibbons (vocals), Brandon Dudley (bass) and Eugene Suh (vocals, guitars) were kind enough to take our questions.



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